ZS-RE 1, CLAIM FOR REPAYMENT OF AUSTRIAN WITHHOLDING TAX under the tax treaties concluded by Austria

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Form fields   (Access by pressing [ALT]+[1])


Year of declaration



1. State



2. Information on the claimant



3. Computation of repayment amount

The following fields are to be filled in by the claimant (all amounts in Euro)




4. Residence certificate of the foreign tax administration

For the purpose of obtaining tax relief in Austria it is certified that within the meaning of the Double Taxation Convention Austria has concluded with the State indicated in Section 1 the claimant on the date or the dates when the income was received (Section 3) was a resident of that State and that the information on the claimant (Section 2) is in accordance with our knowledge.



5. Information concerning the transfer of the repayment amount

The claimant requests to transfer the repayment amount to the account:


Attention! Last part of the form


6. Declaration by the claimant

The claimant declares that the statements made in this claim form are true.


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Interner Vermerk: ZS-RE1; 9999; Inter-Steuern; wai

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